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artist statement

My fiber work is based on concepts or images that are continuous experiences enriching my art… Sometimes a form pulled out from the past, sometimes a symbol or a design… By reorienting fiber, “craft” and “concept” might end up in surprising results. My inspiration comes from the collabration of many elements.The anatolian heritage inspires and enlightens my creativity not only in the well known identified forms but also in my research and projects.


As a result of 2 trips through India, I became intrigued with paper making process. The conscious decision to work in this medium started while working on my first sculptural forms-Anatolien Fiber Shoes. After being involved 20 years in teaching shoe-design process, I have focused intently on molding leather, sculpting paper as art-shoe forms. It is my artistic passion to take the ancient art form, technique and blend it with a new aesthetic.


Since 2000 I have persued my fiber art in sculptural-shoe forms experimenting different means of craft and fiber that inspire me to create personal and expressive art and wearables.


While transferring my textile art experience into my sculptural forms; by the rhytmic qualities of interlacing, weaving with paper fiber as in the Anatolian Fiber Shoes Collection; I found the right “fiber language”. I enjoyed the challenge of combining and manipulating paper as the hidden inheritance of its quality is not lost when molded into a new form. The exciting versatility and immediacy of modelling by completing the surface has provided me new creative freedom…